Did COVID-19 Kill Freelance Makeup Artistry?

Over the years, freelance makeup artistry has become a multimillion-dollar thriving business. Makeup has evolved from becoming a pastime to a form of entertainment. Enabling makeup enthusiasts to become wealthy tastemakers in the beauty industry. Many states don’t require licensure to perform services. People vying for services may overlook the formalities of what takes place while a service is being performed.


I’ve cringed watching some “Professional Makeup Artist” fail to properly clean or sanitize work areas. The sight of makeup brushes and palettes not getting all of the tender loving care they deserve is a complete disservice to the consumer. Obtaining my license in esthetics was the absolute best thing I could have ever done. As I learned about the layers of the skin, I became fascinated with ingredients and how to properly use them on specific skin types, shades, and tones.


Comment below: Should makeup artists be required to take sanitation classes or become licensed estheticians before performing services? Should it be up to the consumer to choose?