EditorialFamily Vision Planning Season

Family Vision Planning Season

In December of every year, my family crafts a vision board of personal and collective goals. In the first 21 days of every New Year, we fast, pray, and believe everything to come to pass. We began 2021 on the same note. I was excited to get January started. Over half of my vision board came to pass in less than 21 days. By March, I began to feel hopeful instead of optimistic. The same freeze that broke the Memphis Bridge busted the plumbing pipes in our newly purchased home and caused cracks in my support system. I was not excited to see the month of May; my determination and faith started to decline. Nothing seemed to be aligning.

My vision board began to look like a collage of wishes.

-Liz Love

My vision board began to look like a collage of wishes.

It left me distraught as the feeling of regression consumed me. Every fantastic opportunity came with inhuman amounts of burdens to carry. My dreams began to feel like a prison instead of a journey to enjoy. I had no choice but to pause, and for the 1st time ever in the Reid Family history, we took the Summer off. It felt illegal to travel and do whatever we wanted with no person, place, or event to highjacking the day. As the Summer passed, Fall brought forth even more opportunities. I got far more accomplished by doing less. It was everything I needed and prayed to have.

My family revisited our vision board in the final quarter and developed a serious plan, with dates and budgets attached to each step. We didn’t need a vision board. We needed a lifestyle change with action steps and plenty of relaxation. As we rewrote our goals, the vision board began to look like a collage of wishes. At that moment, I realized I’d been living life wrong. The words I wrote were 100% organically given to me by God. My vision board was a collection of someone else’s perspective that I made my own.

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.

– Ayn Rand

My husband and I agreed that we will now have Vision Planning Session(s). Notice that “S” on sessions. We will continually hold each other’s goals and aspirations accountable by meeting weekly and reviewing our results monthly. To some, This may sound like much. But for us, we’ve seen what God will do when you sit on something. I am happy to report that everything on our vision board is actively happening. The last four weeks have been filled with unusual acceleration.

Instead of collecting images and wishes, What steps do you plan to make in 2022?

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  • Kiara Ruth

    I love the idea that you shared about vision planning. Great photos of you and your family.

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