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Good Intentions | Poor Execution



My husband and I are Alpha Personality Types. It’s the thing we love most about each other. When Michael and I get into execution mode, we get tunnel vision. Anything that’s not within our personal plans automatically becomes an obstacle or hurdle. Last year the both of us had goals, big goals! We demolished them all with impeccable execution. But as a couple, we suffered. We grew laterally (personally) but not vertically (spiritually) as one. In marriage, lateral growth without vertical growth is a recipe for disaster.

As a result, we weren’t on the same page, and our communication suffered. In marriage, the quality assurance of your intentions is often tested. We questioned each other’s motives because our actions didn’t align with what we anticipated from one another. There are two things I refuse to accept in life without a smile; my food and genuine support. I hate feeling like anything is forced. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks what was happening! We were supporting each other based on our goals and not our vision.


In marriage, the quality assurance of you intentions is often tested.

-Liz Love

Accomplishing goals are cool, but living in your purpose is far more gratifying. Executing goals without vision can lead to feeling like you’ve checked another thing of the long list of things to do. Walking in your purpose is an intimate learning experience about yourself. The tough times feel like lessons learned. Knowing your spouse’s goals is not enough to make a marriage work. Understanding and aligning the vision is essential to the family growing and evolving.


We started last year off with good intentions but poor execution. This year was personal, and we were determined to make a change! We changed our heart posture as a family, starting with our vision and not goals (something we did in the past). We created individual vision boards for ourselves and one for our family together. We prayed and thoroughly explained our vision and intentions to one another. Emphasizing the points that were the most important. Then, we made goals as a family and formulated a plan of execution. Goals are like bricks cemented in favor and faith that your vision will come to pass.


Goals are like bricks cemented in favor and faith that your vision will come to pass.

-Liz Love

Michael and I began to see everything we truly wanted fall into place. We removed ourselves and the expectations we placed on circumstances we know we prayed for. We no longer moved off of a good word but a God word. We began allowing, and things were aligning in ways that made no sense. We began to see the beauty in each opportunity of learning lessons. Every day was now approached with grit and tenacity. I can’t lie, our communication is A1! We can be honest with one another about what we are doing wrong and right and accept it all with love. Most importantly, our faith is grounded, and an undeniable peace overwhelms us.

What are you doing to ensure effective communication with your significate other, family member, or friend?


  • Renee

    Omg great story about you too this was so eye opening experience I’ve learned that communication is key but Keeping God 1 st the front the Alpha and omega was Awesome it even helped me with my issues as well and I’m enjoying the bond and Love that I see congratulations 🎉🎈🍾 it rubbed off in a Great way Blessings to you both love ❤️

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for checking it out. I’m learning to trust God more. I didn’t in the past because I thought I had to put in the work, when honestly it’s the complete opposite.

  • Kiara Ruth

    Liz, Thank you so much for sharing this so many couples can relate to this. Continue to shine your light + share your story. Thanks, Kiara

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