EditorialIs This a Microdermabrasion or a Tattoo?

Is This a Microdermabrasion or a Tattoo?

My First Crystal Microderm Felt Like a Tattoo

I was so excited to try a crystal microdermabrasion. As a true oily/combination skin type, my T-zone loves to play games with hyperpigmentation. I tend to also get small breakouts near the temples of my head (thanks to my glasses). Dark spots in those areas take FORVER to fade. Although I use serums and masks to even out my skin tone, exfoliating helps too!

A microdermabrasion helps to speed up the cell turnover rate, increase blood circulation, and boost collage production. Immediate results can be seen, revealing healthy glowing skin. Through a small wand crystals are sprayed unto the skin while simultaneously being vacuumed away. The used crystals and dead skin cells are sent to a second receptacle on the machine to be discarded after every procedure. These forces combined helps to even out your complexion at an accelerated rate.

I just knew this next level exfoliating was going to be exactly what I needed. Since I’ve had enzyme peels, I figured my skin could handle it.

If anyone in a spa setting ever tells you might feel any kind of sensation; That’s jargon for some sort of PAIN, discomfort, or a tingly/burning sensation! The spa voice describing the ins and outs of the procedure relaxed me and made me feel like this was going to be a breeze. The aromatherapy and melodic sound of running water was SO relaxing. In the back of my mind, I was preparing for a nap. I thought if I could handle childbirth, tattoos, and a meniscus tear, I could surly handle this “sensation”.

Right when I was about to slip into a deep trance, my face felt like the roughest piece of velcro was being rubbed on my face with a vacuum cleaner. Then my skin began to feel like it was being sandblasted with an industrial grade graffiti removing machine. I couldn’t even handle getting the second pass. My Esthetician and I both agreed that one pass was more than enough. I can’t lie the results looked absolutely amazing. I was able to see instant results of the hyperpigmentation fading. Unfortunately, I was slightly traumatized and my skin wasn’t ready for such an advanced procedure. 

I am probably going to shake a few tables with my opinion…. But there is absolutely no need for such an extreme form of exfoliation. With the help of science, exfoliating can be done at the cellular level, greatly decreasing any form of serious pain or trauma to skins. Honestly, I don’t recommend it. 

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