BeautyLiz Loves: Kiss Impress Press-on Manicure, I’m Impressed

Liz Loves: Kiss Impress Press-on Manicure, I’m Impressed

Liz Loves: Impress I’m Impressed

As an Army Soldier, I’m so indecisive and always question if I should give gel, dip powders, or acrylic nails another try. But due to limited color choices and styles, I tend to stick with my natural nails. Who wants to spend X amount of dollars on clear nails and polish?! My hair requires a lot of oil and TLC too. Usually, after 5 days, the edges begin to lift and my cuticles look horrid. The removal process is exhausting too. My nails feel weaker every time I remove them. The acetone dehydrates my nail bed and increases the chances of hangnails. I get sad every time I think about it. I would love to wear them, but the cost and practicality of dip powders, gel, and acrylic nails are a “no go” for me (Army slang/jargon for not meeting a standard or unacceptable).

I’ve tried quite a few nail applique and press on nail brands. The adhesive of some brands, barely make it through a hand wash. Other adhesives damage my natural nails leaving me with peeling nails. On a whim, I saw some Impress nails at the Dollar Tree and decided to give artificial nails another try. I felt like that girl who can’t leave her ex alone and would randomly check on them from time to time. I just really wanted me and nails to work! Everything in my gut was saying don’t waste your money. But I kept telling myself its only one dollar. What the worst that could happen?

I fell in absolute love with the results! I went back and brought all of the styles I loved. The Impress nail kit comes with everything you need; a prep wipe, nail file, wooden cuticle pusher, adhesive, and nails. The directions in the box are easy to follow and even come with a small chart to place the nails on so that you can remember which nail goes on what finger. From start to finish it took less than 5 minutes to have an awesome set of nails. This is the only nail kit that I am aware of, that comes this complete. Whoever designed the product and packaging definitely thought of the novice nail wearer because it was a huge help.

Kiss Impress nails come in a variety of styles and lengths. I love that it comes with accent nails to help spice up the look. Impress nails are sturdy but flexible and hug my oddly shaped fingertips like a glove. The adhesive is amazing and lasted a little over a week. When I was ready to remove them I just used some really warm soapy water and lifted the nails from root to tip. My natural nails remained healthy and free of any peeling. There have been times where I’ve had to remove the nails the next day. I just massage a little almond oil to my cuticle and repeated the same process.

Can we just talk about the price? The kit usually runs between $5 and $9. Sometimes if your lucky, you can randomly find them at Dollar Tree *hits a two-step*. I am impressed with Kiss Impress Nails and would highly recommend this product.

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