BeautyBeginner Makeup Tips: 5 Not So Typical Things to Consider

Beginner Makeup Tips: 5 Not So Typical Things to Consider

Walking into a place like Sephora, MAC, or Ulta can be so intimidating as a novice makeup lover. In the beginning, I would just buy whatever someone recommended. Please don’t make that same mistake! Now that I know better, here are 5 Not So Typical Things to Consider while building your essential makeup bag.

Skin Type & Seasons

Your skin type greatly affects what makeup products and brands you can use. I will never forget that hot summer in 2007 when a friend with extremely dry skin recommended a product to my sensitive, oily combination skin. After I finished my makeup, I looked so radiant and beautiful. Unfortunately, my face melted and slid off from just by walking to the car.

Please be mindful of how your skin changes in texture and tones throughout a year. Personally, I’m oily in the summer and bone dry in the winter months. I’ve learned that I can use one foundation but change my primer, moisturizer, and finishing powders to combat the oil and complexion changes. If you tan easily, it may be best to get two foundations so that the tones won’t be so far off.


Lighting is so important when applying makeup. I have been guilty of lousy blending and flashback (the white or gray cast in images from a camera flash). Be sure to apply your makeup in a well-lit room. It will help minimize errors and give you a real idea of how your makeup will look. A poorly lit room will have you looking casket ready! Don’t let that be you. Trust me, it’s embarrassing. 

Lighting is so important when buying makeup. What might look like a perfect match in the store could look like a recipe for disaster at home. One of the reasons why I love Sephora is because they provide free samples of any product in the store. Don’t be an impulsive shopper. Test out products and fall in love with an item from experience and not because someone told you to like it. Most importantly, take pictures with the flash on. The flash on your camera is the ultimate indicator if your makeup is a pass or fail.

Application Tools  

I cringe every time I see someone use that small plastic applicator with a sponge on both ends in an eyeshadow palette. The tool used to apply your makeup will either bring life or death to a makeup look. Believe it or not, your fingers can be used to apply almost everything. I using my fingers to blend out the final touches of contours on my face. I’ve learned over time that the heat from my fingertips helps products smooth evenly over my skin. It’s a little messy, but it works and is the most fiscally responsible thing to use.  

If you’re not a fingertip person, some incredible brands make brushes without breaking the bank. My top favorites are Eco tools, Elf, BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, and Sonia Kashuk. I personally believe there is no sponge like the beauty blender. I have yet to find anything that compares. Kiss Beauty Blender and Real Technique sponge will get the job done.  

Expiration Dates

Follow the expiration dates on makeup. I hate to see beauty gurus hoard makeup in their “beauty collections” It’s very unsanitary and a petri dish waiting for bacteria to grow. You don’t want that stuff on your skin! EWW!! I’ve made that mistake recently. I found a bag of products I haven’t used in years! I literally opened the foundation bottle once and may have used the eyeshadow palette once or twice.

I knew not to use it, but I said why not YOLO!! A couple of hours later, my entire face broke out in hives and my eyes red and swollen. I instantly regretted my decision. Buy what you need in full-size and what you want in sample sizes if possible. I’ve saved so much money over the years because of that. Your skin will appreciate it too!


The secret to a flawless makeup application is customization. Don’t be afraid to mix and blend multiple items even finishing powders. When the world finally found out about Ben Nye’s Banana Powder and baking, it was instantly the #1 cause of flashback. Over time, I learned that baking with excessive powder wasn’t for me. I also learned the importance of mixing and layering products to achieve makeup perfection. Spend some time to play in your makeup. Mix up lipstick colors. See that affects you get from layering blush and different mascaras. Learn the contours of your face. Try multiple eyebrow products. It will make a world of a difference in your makeup look.

Comment below: Have any of these tips helped you? Share some tips that’s have worked for you. 

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