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We Good…But Not Really

Don’t you hate a, “we good… but not really” type of person? Ugh! They are the type of people who haven’t grown up enough to properly verbalize their feelings and emotions have been deeply hurt and would rather act like they are completely fine.

They mask their pain with microaggressions and loathe the fact that you aren’t constantly checking their emotional thermometer to see if they are ok. They will claim that you’re always “playing” the victim because they are the real victim. They team up with others to gaslight situations and are relentless at trying to rob you of your positive vibes. No matter what you do or say you will always be wrong. *inserts deep, intense eye roll*

Sis, can I tell you something? The microaggressions are being triggered by their own insecurities and/or intimidation of you. You know the shocking thing is you’ve never claimed to be the victim. In fact, you’ve been the victor. You’ve survived the emotional abuse and attempts to assassinate your character.



You’ve chalked up their bitterness up as an inability to grow. Not once have you had a bad thing to say. Why be bitter when you can be better? A real woman would verbalize a problem, seek solutions, and grow past it. Not act funny every time someone comes around. It’s beyond petty.

Michelle Obama said it best, “When they go low, we go high” Just live your best life and you will be fine. Don’t waste an ounce of energy entertaining anything that doesn’t feed your soul and help your light shine. After the 1st attempt of addressing a situation, just stay away. Reconciliation isn’t always needed. Over time your positive vibes will serve as a repellant to the drama.  

Comment Below: Have you ever had a moment like this? What would you do differently?

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