LifestyleParenthood is the Scariest Hood You’ll Ever Go Through

Parenthood is the Scariest Hood You’ll Ever Go Through

During one of my random trips to Hobby Lobby, this prolific magnet caught my eye; “Parenthood is the Scariest Hood You’ll Ever Go Through”. I thought to myself, man it’s the toughest hood I’ve ever been through. Nobody tests your gangster more than a 2-year-old toddler high from a sugar rush without a nap.

My mind began to race with each time I felt fear in the past and heart trembled. Will his brain surgery at 5 months affect him later? Will his diagnosis of Autism be too tough for him to handle? Will life as a military brat be a good or bad thing. My heart began to ache as I thought more about the future. Will his black skin force some people to question his integrity and character? Am I doing enough now to make sure he is successful in the future? The apprehension of those thoughts began to paralyze me with fear.

For 60 seconds, I forgot I was shopping. I clutched my invisible pearls and began to think to myself, “Dang Liz you been looking at these magnets for too long. And girl you just might have anxiety. You are looking at magnets it’s not that deep.” I had to remind myself to come back to the present, once I did I saw several other magnets that made me smile…

“I was made for this” #momlife  

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world”

“I get it from my momma”

“Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, a more loved than you know”

Parenthood is scary. Like seriously it’s terrifying, BUT only if you allow it. There will be times where you will question yourself and doubt your capabilities. Its ok to feel tired and even a little discouraged, but never give up. Find what grounds you. While having a moment in Hobby Lobby, positive affirmations in the form of magnets help ground me.

It may be prayer, meditation, working out, or a nice glass of wine (I said glass not glasses). Find something that brings you peace so that you will have the strength to weather the storm. On airplanes in the event of an emergency, adults are instructed to help themselves before helping a minor. The same applies to you! Don’t overlook your spiritual, mental, and physical wellness; you will need it in parenthood.

Comment Below: Have you ever had a moment like this? I know I can’t be alone.


  • Courtney

    I totally agree! Parenthood is the scariest hood you can ever be in. They never really prepare us for the sickness. I think if someone would have been less optimistic when it came to birth and having kids. I would have better prepared myself. My first child some of things that he has experienced and continues to experience -- it's overwhelming.

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