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Don’t Laugh at Me When I Curse

Hi, my name is Liz and people laugh at me when I curse. *inserts angry frustrated attitude* It takes a lot to get me angry especially if I’m using vulgar profanity as adjectives. Trust me when I say, that moment is not the time to laugh at me! Let me have my moment…. OK!!

It’s rude, condescending and inconsiderate. It’s rude because you interrupted my moment of frustration and turned into your moment of comedy. It’s condescending because your laughter is your way of showing me that you could do it better than me. It’s inconsiderate because you failed to show any empathy for my feelings which switched from frustration to hurt. I am hurt because you didn’t take me seriously.

I know my choice of words may have thrown you off at the moment, but they were truly sincere at that moment in time. The next time you feel the urge to laugh, at least let me laugh first…. DANG (*inserts facepalm* I can’t even curse in writing right…) Anywho, don’t ruin my moment! Encourage me, support me, and be my hype man!

Throw some, “I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT” behind my statements. Tell me, “OH, THEY GOT YOU MESSED UP.” Sprinkle in some, “WHAT YOU SAID” It will help me out a great deal. You can do anything! Just don’t laugh.

Please and thank you.

Comment Below: Have you ever had a moment like this? What did you do when they laughed at you?

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