BeautyTweezerman for the 1st Time Ever, You’ve Disappointed Me

Tweezerman for the 1st Time Ever, You’ve Disappointed Me

$30-Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner Review

I am super cheap and will ALWAYS go for the fiscally responsible choice if given an option. There are somethings that you can’t “go cheap” on. Tweezers is most definitely one of them.

My love for Tweezerman started 12 years ago when I got frustrated with the results of flimsy tweezers. I finally broke down and got the silver stainless steel Slant Tweezers. It was love at 1st pluck!  Slowly but surely my beauty arsenal has become packed with Tweezerman tools. I own everything from pimple extractors and facial hair remover to travel sized nail kits that fit perfectly in every clutch for emergency situations.

I’ve been interested in dermaplaning for quite some time now. Once I saw a fiscally responsible choice AND it was made by a brand I absolutely love, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this product was going to exceed my expectations.


For the 1st time ever Tweezerman disappointed me. Like seriously I was underwhelmed with the results. This at-home exfoliating device is ergonomically designed to keep the blade at a specific angle to ensure a safe and effective dead skin/facial hair removal experience. It also comes with an easily removable 12-month supply of blades (4 blades). The only thing that I love about this product is the color and easily removable blades. Everything else is wrong.

Let’s start with the Ergonomic Design:

The handle is easy to hold but the width of it makes it difficult to see the actual area your treating. At times I was blindly swiping my face, hoping I got the right angle to treat the right area. Maybe if the handle was clear or hollow, it would be easier to see. The blade width doesn’t allow for you to treat the small areas between your eyebrows, nose, and hairline. It would be nice to have a dual headed razor to treat small areas.  

The Dermaplaning Experience:

My skin was freshly washed and damp before use. The razor just wasn’t sharp enough. It failed to physically exfoliate or even remove some of the peach fuzz on my face. After its use, my skin didn’t look any brighter or smoother.




I love the idea, it was just poorly executed and overpriced. The $30 price point was a serious reach for the actual product.  $.99 eyebrow razors from your local beauty supply are a much cheaper and more effective alternative for this product. It pains me to say that I wouldn’t recommend this product because I am so loyal to the Tweezerman Brand.

Comment Below: Have you even had dermaplaning? Is it worth the hype?

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